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Why Halal

A common misconception people have is that "halal" only pertains to food or drink. Halal means permissible and we believe all that we consume and do must be good for us for His sake. 

With many brands focusing on halal nail polish rather than other forms of makeup, we are focusing our efforts on creating an extensive halal makeup line that fits our religious needs.

Many people do not know that many mainstream makeup products contain:

1) Gelatin or other forms of prohibited animal by-products
2) Alcohol, or use of;
3) Animals as a means of testing products.

A hadith highlights the fact that being merciful to animals will bring mercy to you:
"Whoever is merciful even to a sparrow, Allah will be merciful to him on the Day of Judgment."

Infinitely Classic strives to be a leader in creating halal cosmetics that Muslims and allies can trust not just locally in Canada but worldwide.