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No one should compromise their values for good makeup.

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What is Infinitely Classic?

Infinitely Classic was born out of my inability to buy makeup that fit my religious needs. I grew up loving mainstream makeup and upon researching how they were made, I found out that many of the products I used were not suitable for my religious and moral values.

As a Muslim woman, I truly believe that the makeup I use should embody all that Islam says...

No use of prohibited ingredients (no pork or alcohol)
Cruelty free
High-quality products
Charitable and Sustainable

That is why Infinitely Classic aims to be the provider of the highest quality, halal cosmetics that Muslims and allies worldwide can trust and love. 

Our Founder

Infinitely Classic was founded by me, Mariam Nouser. I am a Journalism student and Entrepreneur from Canada's largest city—Toronto. Growing up Muslim and among the youngest in my family, I have been inspired by greatness around me. My passion for cosmetics started as a little girl where I would see my mom put on a fresh face every day for her corporate job. When I visited my family back home, I was in awe of my cousins' and aunts' makeup. I started this company as a means to propel excellence in my community and provide options for working Muslim millennials like myself.